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In a Song

In these uncertain times, as we watched our beloved ships temporarily halt their constant trek across the oceans, we unite our hearts and our voices in a common desire to sail again. And some of our voices yearn to perform for you once again onboard our ships. In lieu of this, our talented team of entertainers have recorded small gestures for you. We all miss you and we can’t wait for the moment when you will all come back to our ships so we can all be together again. For the time being, sit back, relax and enjoy these heartfelt performances.

Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, Chairman’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society

Talents of Silversea

Talents of Silversea

“Wiegenlied,” Performed by Helena Lackner

By Jorge Oliver March 31, 2021
Talents of Silversea

“Bésame Mucho,” Performed by Livier Morales

By Jorge Oliver February 9, 2021
Talents of Silversea

“Panis Angelicus,” Performed by Van-Anh Nguyen, Featuring Giovanni Palminteri and Lucia Conte

By Jorge Oliver September 24, 2020
Talents of Silversea

“Calon Lân,” performed by Rhiannon Herridge

By Jorge Oliver September 4, 2020
Talents of Silversea

“Danny Boy,” Performed by Sean Boyes

By Jorge Oliver September 3, 2020
Talents of Silversea

“El Vito,” performed by Inés de Arvizu

By Jorge Oliver August 12, 2020