Travels with Fernando: Silversea Introduces its First Northern European Grand Voyage

If you’ve sailed on a Silversea world cruise or many other voyages, chances are you’ve met Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, who is practically an iconic presence onboard.  Having spent nearly a lifetime at sea certainly adds to his charisma. As a young boy growing up in Portugal’s picturesque seaside town of Cascais, Fernando knew that he wanted to make traveling his career. The glamour of the great ocean liners docking at nearby Lisbon and the allure of the vast, open Atlantic Ocean in the horizon played a part in Barroso de Oliveira’s decision. “I cannot stay put more than 8 days in one place or else I get crazy,” he adds.

For all of his vast expertise of the world’s oceans and ports, Europe remains Fernando’s go-to destination; his “backyard,” as it were. As Silversea introduces its first-ever Northern European Grand Voyage, Fernando is particularly excited to share the grandiosity of this region, from the culinary allure of Bordeaux and the elegance of St. Petersburg to the natural wonders of Iceland. “Besides going to places that I’ve known for years and that I absolutely love, this time we’re covering brand new ports even for me,” he adds.

A larger-than-life presence since the luxury line debuted in 1994, his official title is Senior Cruise Director & President’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society, but it could just as well be Mr. Life of the Party. Whether it’s delighting guests with fascinating anecdotes from his seemingly bottomless well of stories (in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, German… take your pick), making an impromptu cameo on the night’s live show or hosting trivia tournaments that can share the podium with the Olympic Games in terms of competitiveness, his magnetism always leaves an indelible mark on the guests. Or, in his own words, “My responsibility towards our guests… I want them to have the experience of a lifetime on every single cruise that they take.”

And he means it. 

As Silversea’s 54-day Grand Voyage for Northern Europe is to debut in May, 2022, Fernando takes to video to share his insights about the places you will visit. “We’ll have the opportunity of seeing Russia at its best in St. Petersburg, to see Scandinavia and then of course, you’ve got the added beauty of Iceland.”

As Fernando notes, “keep on sailing, keep on traveling, don’t stop. There’s always a new world waiting for you.”

The stunning Northern European Grand Voyage will take guests to 40 destinations across 13 countries in 2022

When Silver Moon departs Lisbon on May 26, 2022 on the Grand Northern European Voyage, it will be hot off the heels of the 2022 Grand Mediterranean Voyage. Both itineraries were specifically crafted to provide the option of combining them into Silversea’s first-ever Grand Europe Voyage. This massive itinerary will take travelers from Athens to Stockholm on a 90-day, 72-destination full on European journey. “I find the idea of combining the two grand voyages spectacular,” says Fernando. “It’s a magnificent opportunity of covering both worlds in one trip.”