Where in the World Do You Want to Go? Discover Iceland, the Land of Ice and Fire.

Nature calls the shots in Iceland. This mythical land of fire and ice boasts active volcanoes alongside glaciers, as well as towering waterfalls, bubbling geysers, mysterious black sand shores, and native wildlife like its famous wild ponies.

“In contrast to this amazing nature, we have the cultural part of the country — the capital of Reykjavik,” says Fernando Barroso De Oliveira, Silversea’s senior cruise director and the President’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society. “Half of the population of the country is concentrated in the capital, and you have two different sides of the town: You have one that is a bit more traditional and one that’s very avant-garde.”

The artistic city of Reykjavik has an astonishing mountainous backdrop, a vibrant culinary scene, fascinating galleries, and a quirky cafe culture. The city’s most iconic church, the Hallgrímskirkja, is 243 feet tall and the largest church in the country. Its design mimics the dramatic landscape of Iceland, with its columns inspired by volcanic basalt. Reykjavik is a brilliant base for Icelandic outdoor adventures, no matter whether you feel the call to plunge into geothermal pools or hike to see the country’s epic waterfalls.

Further afield, a full-day shore excursion to the mountains and waterfalls of Arnarfjörður is a fascinating scenic sightseeing trip. Arnarfjörður is deemed one of the most attractive fjords in the Westfjords — a large peninsula in the northwestern part of the country — due to its majestic landscape, mountains, and waterfall. Hike up to the Dynjandi waterfall, the largest in the region, and touch its flowing waters. Then absorb the spectacular sights of Kaldbakur, the highest mountain in the Westfjords, as you soak your feet in the hot spring of Reykjafjardar.

If whale watching has always been your lifelong dream, an excursion to see these magnificent mammals breach in their natural habitat will be a certified tick off your travel wish list. Take a half-day Silversea excursion from Húsavík, the European capital of whale watching, aboard a cruise around Skjalfanda Bay, and enjoy the exciting chance to spot minke whales or even humpbacks.

The first cruise to Iceland was taken by the Vikings over one thousand years ago, but now it’s done in a much more comfortable way,” Barroso De Oliveira says. “[This journey] will give you a wonderful in-depth knowledge of the country and the area.”