Back in our Element: Silversea’s Crew Celebrates Return to Service

Of all the emotions that flooded Fernando Barroso de Oliveira during Silver Moon’s inaugural voyage on June 18th, the most overwhelming one was the urge to hug each and every one of the crewmembers. As the President’s Ambassador to the Venetian Society – and Silversea’s longest-tenured team member, with more than 25 years under his belt – Fernando has not only developed long-lasting relationships with hundreds of guests. He has similarly come to consider his fellow Silversea’s crew members as family. And never before had he experienced a period of withdrawal from his family as long as the 15 months or so that preceded that fateful voyage out of Athens.

“Being at the cruise terminal in Piraeus and setting foot on the ship… it was a breath of fresh air,” says Fernando. “Seeing everyone smiling because we’re back in our element… it felt like regaining our lives back.”

Silversea’s crew members were all smiles during Silver Moon’s inaugural voyage/Lucia Griggi

Hotel director Stephen Crimes echoes Fernando’s words. As a 13-year veteran of Silversea’s hotel department, Crimes says he felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as Silver Moon embarked on the first of several 10-day voyages throughout the Greek Isles and Cyprus. “One of the most amazing parts of this whole experience has been watching the ship come back to life again,” he enthuses.

Fernando and Stephen are two of the 393 crew members who gleefully brought back cruising for Silversea. Just as special was the fact that they were able to do so on a brand new ship and in an enchanting destination like the Greek Isles. “For me, coming back to Greece has been a wonderful experience,” says Crimes.

And though a self-professed lover of Greek culture, and a former Athens resident for more than 20 years, Fernando nonetheless chooses to place less emphasis on the destination and more on the grandeur of the occasion. “At this point, no one really cared where the ship went! Of course, the Greek islands are full of charm. But we all wanted to be onboard, to see old friends and do what we do best.”