“The amount of information and insights offered on any expedition voyage by our lecturers is truly impressive and no question is left unanswered. It’s not the in-depth knowledge of our lecturers that impresses me most– it’s their genuine passion and enthusiasm, and their sincere desire to be there with you anywhere on our planet. I am honored to offer you a taste of some presentations that our expedition staff volunteered to put together, hoping that sooner rather than later they will be able to deliver those to you in person in some magical part of our planet”.

Daniil Elterman, Expedition & Experiences Field Staff Director 

Let's Get Enriched

Let's Get Enriched

Let’s Get Enriched: The Magnificent Walrus of the Arctic, by Robin Aiello

By Carolyn Spencer Brown June 11, 2020
Let's Get Enriched

Let’s Get Enriched: The People of Madagascar, by Damon Ramsey

By Carolyn Spencer Brown May 8, 2020