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“The Royal Geographical Society’s Collections span over 500 years of exploration and geographical endeavour. Whilst our ability to travel is temporarily on hold, I find no better way to explore the world than through these remarkable photographs, books, artefacts, maps and archival items. They divert, inform and inspire me in equal measure to dream about future opportunities for new destinations and adventures. It is our pleasure to be able to share these remarkable exploration stories with you.”


Alasdair Macleod, Head of Enterprise and Resources at the Royal Geographical Society

On The Map

On The Map

Light and Shadows Collection: Striking Structures

By Jorge Oliver August 28, 2020
On The Map

Lights and Shadows Collection: Middle Eastern Moments

By Jorge Oliver August 4, 2020
On The Map

Lights and Shadows Collection: Focus on the Far East

By Jorge Oliver July 16, 2020
On The Map

Lights and Shadows Collection: Polar Perspectives

By Jorge Oliver June 25, 2020
On The Map

Enduring Eye: A Look Back at Ernest Shackleton’s Epic ‘Endurance’ Expedition

By Jorge Oliver June 1, 2020
nw passage facts

7 Facts about the Northwest Passage: Arctic Fox Collars, Inuit Sunglasses & the Route’s ‘Invention’

By Matthew Scott December 6, 2019