On Expedition with Conrad: Unveiling the Diverse Indian Ocean

It may “just” be the planet’s third largest ocean, but with approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s water surface over an area of more than 28 million square miles, the Indian Ocean is a world all unto itself. Bordering 38 countries and spanning three continents from Cape Agulhas in southwestern South Africa to the southernmost tip of Tasmania, calling this region diverse feels like an understatement. Ancient cities, vast natural preserves, endemic wildlife, pristine atolls, and historical marvels are just a few of the attractions in this vast region that’s ripe for exploration.

And Silversea’s Indian Ocean expedition cruises are designed to offer a comprehensive overview of this vast and dynamic region of the world.

“I have a love affair with the Indian Ocean,” confesses Conrad Combrink, Silversea Cruises’ Senior Vice President of Expeditions, Destination and Itinerary Management, and a native of South Africa. “It’s got a fascinating mix of natural and cultural history. It’s an area that doesn’t get nearly enough exposure for expedition cruising, and it allows for phenomenal itineraries.”

Watch Conrad on video as he elaborates on his love affair with the Indian Ocean.