Things to Do in Greenland: Discover Greenland’s Grandeur

Greenland is one of those destinations that won’t shout for attention when it comes to attracting travelers. It simply isn’t in its nature. In truth, the less obvious and often unnoticed wonders of the world can often bear the greatest gifts to those willing to travel beyond the ordinary, explore something that guidebooks don’t divulge and take a leap onto lesser-known lands. Let us introduce you to Silversea’s expedition voyages and the many incredible things to do in Greenland.

A shoreline covered with a patchwork quilt of vibrantly-colored buildings and snowy peaks is the way Greenland greets new friends. The purest clear air breathes new life into the lungs of all who visit, while icebergs and aquamarine seas keep keen photographers and their lenses enamored. The world’s largest island keeps its precious Arctic landscapes, wildlife and communities for those with a curious soul.

Steffan Danino, Expedition Geologist at Silversea, tells us in his video that “Greenland often goes unnoticed. This is a real pity because I believe it’s one of our planet’s most beautiful and fascinating destinations. There’s nowhere else which offers unrivaled scenery, culture and wildlife that one can experience in Greenland.

“Silversea’s expedition itineraries go well beyond the beaten path,” he adds. “Guests can explore everything from the lush farming landscape in the south that was once inhabited by the Vikings, all the way through to the starkly beautiful Arctic deserts of the north.”

Iceberg at twilight, Greenland./ Denis Elterman

Trips of a lifetime

There are many amazing things to do in Greenland and excursions while on expedition here include exploring the country’s East coast on a Zodiac cruise to the iceberg-laden waters of Skjouldungen, a U-shaped fjord, and joining experienced Silversea kayak guides to paddle through the bay near the Thrym Glacier. It’s possible that whales may grace guests with their presence here, too.

There’s also the chance to hike Arctic tundra terrain and then relax at Uunartoq Island, a picturesque site where ancient warm springs are set against the backdrop of Greenland’s mountains and floating icebergs. A dip in one of these hot pools is a chance to reconnect with nature and imagine what it was like when Norsemen discovered them 1,000 years ago.

Arctic ice in Rode Fjord, Greenland
Zodiacs cruising in Rode Fjord, Greenland/Denis Elterman

Expedition itineraries offer access to some of Greenland’s most stunning landscapes, natural wonders that astound and inspire. Whether you’re hiking and kayaking or simply enjoying the view, travel to Greenland is a trip of a lifetime.

Is Greenland a destination squarely in your sights? Explore expedition cruising to the Arctic with Silversea.