Trip to Bali & (So Much) More: World Cruise 2026 Special Events on a 140-Day Voyage

“The Curious and the Sea” is a fitting theme for Silversea’s blockbuster 140-day World Cruise 2026. The most diverse and immersive voyage in the cruise line’s history expands its globe-spanning itineraries.

Guests will embark Silver Dawn in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Jan. 6, 2026, before traveling to 70 destinations in 37 countries — fulfilling that trip to Bali that so many of us have dreamed about — the most ever on a Silversea World Cruise. Ports include 26 that are new for a Silversea World Cruise or unvisited since 2020, plus nine overnights. Among the places visited will be Easter Island, the Cook Islands, Tasmania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Aqaba (for Petra), Sicily, Malta and Gibraltar.

The special events planned for this extraordinary journey are as groundbreaking as the itinerary. They offer a deep dive into the essence of a destination — its people, culture and way of life — to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“They are experiences money can’t buy,” says Jannie Cloete, Silversea’s Director of Experiences and Events, who creates these immersive events together with Kevin McKeon, Events and Experiences Manager.

In an exclusive chat with Jannie and Kevin, we got a sneak peek at some of the events shaping up for 2026. At least one or two more events will be added to this lineup.

“We kick off the cruise with a welcome event [still under wraps] at the hotel based on the theme of the voyage, where friends old and new meet and start their journey together,” Jannie says.

“It sets the tone for the whole voyage.”

Polynesian dreams

Guests will sample poisson cru the traditional way when they are in the South Pacific./Shutterstock

How fitting is it that a cruise to French Polynesia becomes the stage on which the seagoing cultures of communities from different islands are showcased? This special event includes a seafood feast and cultural performances that connect guests to the local people.

Guests will sample local flavors, experience traditional dance and music, and revel in a majestic South Pacific sunset.

“Think “‘Moana,'” Jannie says, evoking Disney’s 2016 Polynesian-themed film. “Travel through these islands brought navigation, dance and music from one island to another. The vibrant music, the hip swaying, the colorful flowers will help tell the story of Polynesia.”

Guests will savor “delicacies that have been passed on from one region to another,” he adds. For example, Tahiti’s national dish of marinated fish, poisson cru, will be served with lime and coconut, the traditional way.

The magic of Mystery Island

Vanuatu’s Mystery Island will introduce World Cruise 2026 guests to the island and its culture./Shutterstock

Tiny, uninhabited Mystery Island in Vanuatu is the setting for this cultural immersion against a Bali Ha’i backdrop of pristine, palm-fringed waters.

“It’s a celebration of culture, but also a wonderful day at the beach,” says Kevin of this South Pacific event, which is a full-ship experience for everyone on board, not just guests doing an entire World Cruise.

Working with the local chief, the team is bringing together different Indigenous tribes to showcase their music, masked dancers and food, typically just-plucked catch of the day.

“Imagine island hospitality, blue water, white beaches and snorkeling in your own piece of paradise,” Jannie adds, “while staff pass by with cold pineapple or ice cream.”

From paddy to plate in Bali

Bali’s rice paddies become the stage for a dinner celebrating the sacred gain./Shutterstock

Celebrate rice, a symbol of life in Bali, Indonesia, at this unique event in the middle of verdant rice paddies.

On your trip to Bali, you’ll stroll along temporary bamboo walkways that lace the sprawling paddies to admire Southeast Asia’s sacred grain before sitting down to dinner in a thatched-roof, open-air structure. Tuck into typical Balinese food, such as nasi gorengsatay lilitsambal udang, and of course, mounds of steamed rice, while enjoying traditional Balinese dancers and rod-mounted puppets, figures made of water buffalo hide.

“You can watch the day become night as the sun sets against a backdrop of mountains and palm trees,” Kevin says. “Lanterns and candles will dramatically illuminate the paddies.”

The exotic marigold and more

Snake boat races on Pampa River in the state of Kerala, India./ Arun Sinha/Wikimedia Commons

Hop on a two-person tuk-tuk (an auto rickshaw) to traverse city streets to the festival grounds in Cochin, India, where you’ll be welcomed in style with flower garlands. Gather for an authentic cultural experience that includes a traditional multi-course, vegetarian-based sadhya lunch, which locals will serve from clay pots onto your own banana leaf.

Enjoy performances of Kerala drummers, weapon-wielding Indian martial artists, and traditional snake boat, a long canoe-style vessel holding up to 100 rowers, races before boarding a houseboat for a high-tea cruise along the Kerala backwaters.

A pinch of S.A.L.T ashore

Calling all foodies! Enjoy unique dine-around options in a variety of ports as part of Silversea’s signature food experiences, called S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste), offered on shore.

The dining adventures during the 2026 World Cruise are designed to be immersive — and epic. Guests may select two ports from five or six specially selected around the world at which to dine for a complete S.A.L.T. experience.

Featuring the best of local cuisine, whether at established eateries or up-and-comers, these specially curated meals may include demonstrations and other bespoke features.

“Food offers a gateway to other cultures,” Jannie says. “These exclusive events will dive deep into the flavors of a region.”

Ready to experience these incredible events? Learn more about “The Curious & the Sea” 2026 World Cruise.