Behind the Lens: Witnessing the Power of Mount Bromo, Indonesia

There are few natural wonders that can compete with the magnificent yet destructive force of an active volcano. In East Java, Indonesia, Mount Bromo stands at 2,329 meters tall in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, its almighty presence felt by all who are lucky enough to witness it.

Willem van den Heever, an expedition filmmaker, photographer, environmentalist and explorer from Cape Town, South Africa, made the lengthy journey to visit Mount Bromo to create this film for Silversea.

Traveling by zodiac, bus, 4×4 and jeep, the experience of being right in front of unpredictable volcanic activity was one of the greatest rewards he’s had behind the camera.

Arriving at the base of Mount Bromo volcano in Indonesia.
Arriving to the base of Mount Bromo required a long journey onboard zodiac, bus, 4×4 and jeep/Willem van den Heever

The elements in full force

When traveling through the forest and viewing the peaks that peer through the mist on the journey to Mount Bromo, it’s clear how wild and unforgiving this natural environment is to humans. The relentless power of this volcano demands respect as sulfurous plumes of smoke billow into the skies overhead and across the blackened landscape. And yet despite geological miracles such as this, Mother Nature still needs us on her side.

For those travelers who long to observe the grandeur of the elements, Mount Bromo might just be the trip of a lifetime.

Local rides a horse in from of Mount Bromo volcano, Indonesia.
Mount Bromo Volcano sits in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia/Willem van den Heever