A S.A.L.T.-inspired Holiday Feast

Inspired by the Summer 2022 European Grand Voyage itinerary on Silver Moon, we reached out to a few chefs and culinary authorities along the route to find out what tastes and traditions they’re excited about and how we can bring some of that local flavor to our own holiday tables.

Faroe Islands: Roast Duck with Prunes and Port

Recipe by Teitur Christensen, head chef of Fútastova and Áarstova, two classic restaurants in the old part of Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. Click here to view the recipe.

Sicily: Buccellati Christmas Cookies

Recipe by Fabrizia Lanza, director of the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school and culinary center in Sicily. Click here to view the recipe.

Malaga-Style Grilled Sardines

Recipe by Alex Raij, owner of some of New York’s most respected Spanish restaurants, including La Vara, Txikito and Saint Julivert Fisherie. Click here to view the recipe.