Tales of Daring Endeavors






“Over the years I’ve read many incredible tales of harrowing expeditions and daring endeavors. Some of the books have shaped who I am, and instilled in me a yearning to travel and explore the world. I’d love to share with you some of my favorite books of exploration.”

Conrad Combrink, SVP of Expeditions and Destination Management


Great Reads


In Italy’s Puglia, Detours Become Destinations, and Days Morph Into Pure Magic

By Mary Morris January 18, 2024
To the Curious

Andrew McCarthy is in conversation with … Paul Theroux

By Andrew McCarthy November 10, 2023
Great Reads

Paul Theroux’s New Novel Offers a Helping of New England with a Touch of Terror

By Catharine Hamm October 24, 2022
Great Reads

Conrad Recommends: Death in the Rainforest

By Monte Mathews February 18, 2021
Great Reads

Conrad Recommends: The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

By Monte Mathews January 6, 2021
Great Reads

Conrad Recommends: Where the Sea Breaks Its Back

By Carolyn Spencer Brown December 1, 2020