Sustainability in the Galápagos: Local Products Elevate Ecuadorian Cuisine

It’s perhaps widely known that the Galápagos is a haven for wildlife, but it’s also an unsuspecting paradise for foodies interested in Ecuadorian cuisine.

The Galápagos Islands are where quality meets sustainability; all produce here is organic, so visitors are treated not only to delicious dishes that embrace Ecuadorian culture and support the local economy, but also products that have a low carbon footprint.

Growing sustainable food in Galápagos

It might seem an oddity to be 600 miles from mainland Ecuador, with a breakfast fruit plate so vivid it seems as if it was just picked from the vine. But meals in the Galápagos become a total treat once guests realize that their palate is just one of the many ways they are lucky to experience all the islands have to offer.

Hungry visitors sampling Ecuadorian cuisine can expect beautifully seasoned soups and stews, some of the freshest ceviche they’ll try in their life and plenty of plantains — mashed, fried, stuffed or served as chips.

Local farmers grow sustainable food in Galapagos
Local growers like Carlos Mora contribute to the sustainability of the Galápagos Islands./Lucia Griggi

The typical distance from a tourist vessel to the mainland is cut by about 98 percent, given a ship’s proximity to the bounty of the Galápagos, which stretches beyond fruits and vegetables to a variety of fish that never once touches the freezer.

Andrea Cruz, the executive chef of Silver Origin, believes food is an act of love. With the mindset, she admits that in the Galápagos, “the tomatoes are sweeter; the lemons and tangerines are the best I’ve had in my life.”

There is no compromise on taste in this region, helped by the fact that there are also no chemicals or pesticides to worry about.

“Supporting local growers not only gives guests a chance to taste the Galápagos, but we are also supporting somebody who’s going to be able to grow food for their communities,” states Fernando Delgado, vice president and general manager of Silversea Cruises in Ecuador.

Sustainable food in Galapagos includes various fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are among the foods grown locally in the Galápagos./Lucia Griggi

Fresh, local cuisine is integral to Ecuadorian culture, and during a cruise through the Galápagos Islands Silversea’s culinary team ensures that guests savor the flavors of the region — while also supporting sustainability in this unique island ecosystem.

Want to try Ecuadorian cuisine prepared with sustainable ingredients? You can during a cruise to the Galápagos.