Where in the World Do You Want to Go? Explore the British Isles’ Wild Outposts

Mountains, waterfalls and golden beaches may not necessarily spring to mind when travelers imagine a travel adventure to the British Isles. Yet the islands dotted around the U.K.’s coastline are diverse – some with their own volcanic history, some with flourishing wildlife populations – and offer up many hidden treasures.

From ancient woodland, stone ruins and towering sea stacks, through to rarely explored coves, peaceful vistas and rolling green hills, the magnificence of wild Britain is something that few people get to see. A trip here is for visitors who hope to spark awe and wonder within.

Steffan Danino, an expedition geologist, at Silversea shares more: “What makes the British Isles such a unique expedition destination is there is a huge diversity of flora, fauna, culture, scenery that most of our guests haven’t explored before. Through our expedition itineraries we have been able to offer our guests the opportunity to experience parts of the British Isles which are not accessible to most mainland travelers, and help guests reconnect with their roots.”

Trips of a lifetime

Isles of Scilly/Denis Elterman

Charismatic U.K. wildlife includes the endearing colorful seabird that is the Atlantic puffin – which can be seen in huge numbers in places like Shetland or St Kilda, along with seals and dolphins.

The Isle of Lunga is also a prime place to spot Atlantic puffins. Feeling intrepid? A shore excursion features a two kilometer hike over rocks and ledges to catch a closer view of their vibrant beaks. For a more relaxed option, a zodiac cruise along the coast of Lunga will enable you to see the birds up-close, in the water and overhead.

Tresco in the Isles of Scilly boasts Abbey Garden, a paradise home to thousands of exotic plant species from around 80 countries which was started by plant collector August Smith in the 1830s on the site of an old Benedictine Abbey. An excursion here involves walking through this menagerie of nature accompanied by Expedition Team Experts or independently before returning to the ship via Zodiac.