Silver Nova’s Innovative Design Enhances its  Restaurants

On Silversea’s Discover Blog, we’ve been talking, for the past few months, about how the innovative new asymmetrical  design for Silver Nova, now under construction at Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, will enhance your cruise experience.

Naturally, the restaurants will fit into the consistent design scheme that Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s president and CEO, has articulated. “In terms of the design alone,” he reminds us, “we are taking a giant leap forward. The asymmetrical design greatly enhances the spaciousness of both indoor and outdoor public spaces. It plays with our vision that the Nova Class will offer openness and a seamless connection to the sea and the ship’s destinations.”

Today we wonder: How does such a design approach impact dining onboard? We take a look at one of the most important features of any cruise: the restaurants on Silver Nova.

You’ll Like This News

If you’re a Venetian Society guest and you have favorite signature restaurants on Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, the good news is that they’ll all be back. Atlantide, La Dame, La Terrazza, S.A.L.T. Kitchen, Kaiseki and others will have redesigned spaces promoting vast views of the outdoors and, in many cases, a more open-air feeling.

“The restaurant design is consistent with the dynamic new strategy of Silver Nova’s overall design,” says Lorenzo Mortola, of the Genoa-based naval architecture firm GEM Design. “True to other parts of the ship, such as elevators, suites, and outer decks, we want to bring the world onboard.”

One other connection to the new design of Silver Nova is that the layouts are different (for instance, suites are all concentrated on decks 6, 7, 8 and 9). As such, public areas such as restaurants, bars and entertainment venues are concentrated on five decks. This creates a hub of socialization and entertainment within different districts on Silver Nova, and also allows Silversea to create a more luxurious, spacious atmosphere.

Want a sneak peek? We’re excited to share some renderings and details about the design of the restaurants onboard Silver Nova.  

La Terrazza

Rendering: On Silver Nova, LaTerrazza

What’s New: Silversea’s casual by day, Italian by night restaurant, will feel quite different, Mortola tells us. As you can see from the rendering, the asymmetrical design makes for a curvy layout on the portside, while on starboard, the restaurant stretches all the way to the edge of the ship, and has floor to ceiling windows. That means more tables by the sea.

What Else: The aft deck seating will be plentiful for al fresco dining. And new to the restaurant is a cool feature that is cantilevered out over the deck. The alcove holds a large table meant for festive occasions.


Silver Nova rendering: Atlantide

What’s New: One of Silversea’s most popular restaurants, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Atlantide gets a design refresh, as you can see. The larger windows really open up the space.

S.A.L.T. Kitchen

Rendering: On Silver Nova, S.A.L.T. Kitchen

What’s New: While you’ll recognize the general vibe of S.A.L.T. Kitchen on Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, the only truly regionally focused restaurant in the cruise industry, you’ll spot some new twists on its culinary-oriented decor.

What Else?: S.A.L.T. Kitchen has always felt, to me, very spacious and higher ceilings and larger windows enhance that effect.

La Dame

Rendering: On Silver Nova, LaDame

What’s New: Silversea’s French restaurant has a decidedly continental feel to it already — and on Silver Nova there are enhanced details. Its windows stretch all the way to the edge of the ship and there’s a new, more open entranceway. You will have sweeping views of the sea and port from every table in La Dame.

What Else?: Don’t miss the original-to-Silversea Masque de Femme panels by Lalique.


Rendering: On Silver Nova, Kaiseki

What’s New: The high ceilings of the Japan-influenced Kaiseki, which also incorporates culinary arts of Vietnam, Thailand, India, Korea, and China, makes it feel even more spacious. 

What Else?: The decor, reflecting the equilibrium of yin and yang, is enriched. The restaurant’s entrance, inspiring a symbolic gateway to Japan, and its decor, with authentic washi paper, marble, and traditional wooden materials, evoke a calming ambience.

Arts Cafe:

Rendering: On Silver Nova, the Arts Cafe

What’s New: Its location! On Silver Nova, Arts Cafe will still serve its fabulous pastries, sandwiches, coffees, infused waters and cocktails, and will be located near reception, the ship’s hub.

What Else?: We love the addition of dining-height tables as well as the cozy armchair set-ups.

Silver Note

What’s New: In this 1920s-inspired supper club and jazz venue,  the first thing you’ll notice is that the piano has been moved to the center of the space, much more prominently featured. And it also ensures great views of the performances from all tables.

What Else?: Moving the entertainment from one end of the venue to a central space isn’t the only enhancement; lighting installations will provide a spotlight for live musical performances. And check ouot the perforated wall that seeks to bring the outside into Silver Note.

The Marquee

Rendering, Silver Nova: The Marquee

What’s New: The Marquee is a brand-new design concept for Silversea, incorporating two existing restaurants into one space. Spaccanapoli, the best-in-cruise, Napoli-inspired pizzeria will join The Grill (also a venue for Hot Rocks at night). These eateries are on different decks on Silver Moon, Silver Muse, Silver Dawn and Silver Spirit.

What Else?: The sweeping views over ocean and port!

When Silver Nova debuts in summer 2023, the 728-passenger, 54,700 ton ship will spend her maiden season in the Mediterranean before heading across the Atlantic to spend the winter of 2023/2024 in South America.