Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens: Why Freediving in the Galapagos is Like Constant Meditation

By Lorna Dockerill January 12, 2023

How to Choose Your Cruise: The Galapagos

By Matthew Scott January 10, 2023

Just Back From…Galapagos, Part 2. A Postscript

By Peter Shanks July 29, 2022

Just Back From…Galapagos Islands on Silver Origin

By Peter Shanks May 20, 2022

On Silver Origin, We’re Thinking About the Evolution of Galapagos

By Julie L. Kessler May 6, 2022
Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens: Experiencing the Tranquility of Montemar Coffee Farm, Galápagos

By Lorna Dockerill April 15, 2022