Silver Nova

We Get a Sneak Peek at the New Silver Nova

By Carolyn Spencer Brown June 1, 2023

Q&A: We Chat with Art Curator Mariangela Capuzzo About Why Art Matters on Silversea’s Cruise Ships

By Jane Wooldridge June 1, 2023
Silver Note Restaurant on Silver Nova
Silver Nova

Silver Nova’s Innovative Design Enhances its  Restaurants

By Carolyn Spencer Brown June 6, 2022
Silver Nova

Silversea Reveals a Revolutionary New Design for Silver Nova’s Outside Decks

By Carolyn Spencer Brown May 4, 2022

Silversea CEO Roberto Martinoli Introduces Silver Nova

By Jorge Oliver March 6, 2022
Silver Nova

Suite Dolce Vita: A Look at Silver Nova’s New Suite Accommodations

By David Swanson February 21, 2022