Everything You Need to Know About Silversea’s 2026 World Cruise

A world cruise, by its nature, is the definition of a trip of a lifetime. You’ll see and do more in one sailing than you can imagine, even knowing this itinerary begins in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and ends in Lisbon, Portugal. Spending months away from home requires forethought and planning. After all, can you fill a prescription in the South Pacific or find your favorite moisturizer in Egypt? And how do you pack?

Dining on Silversea offers fresh variety.

Here you’ll find detailed answers and information about preparing for this unique journey. From choosing the right cell phone plan to wondering how chefs keep the cuisine fresh, day after day, this guide to World Cruise 2026 will put most of your concerns to rest — and get you excited about the extensive list of unusual destinations and special events. And yes, by the way, laundry is included.

World Cruise 2026: The Curious and the Sea


Each year, Silversea’s epic world cruise carries a theme that shapes the journey. For 2026, “The Curious and the Sea” label refers to the history-making expeditions of explorers as they sought to map uncharted territory and understand other cultures. The cruise culminates, fittingly, in Portugal, the homeland of many famous explorers, including Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan.

Destinations: The Curious and the Sea

This unique will visit more than six dozen destinations, including 26 that are probably new to Silversea’s Venetian Society loyalty members. These destinations are as varied as Bari, Italy and Nouméa, New Caledonia. The ports of call cover 37 countries and six continents, from Australia and India to the Polynesian islands of Tonga and Vanuatu. Take a look at the segment-by-segment maps for World Cruise 2026.


Silversea’s 2026 world cruise departs Jan. 6 from Fort Lauderdale and culminates on May 27 in Lisbon. The voyage is divided into nine segments that total 140 days, including 62 days at sea.

The ship

The cruise will be aboard Silversea’s Silver Dawn, which debuted in 2022. The 596-passenger ship boasts a Roman baths-inspired spa and wellness area; the renowned S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) culinary program; a creative entertainment offering; and the line’s hallmark touches, from butler service to top-shelf cocktails and caviar.


Bookings for the 2026 world cruise with Silversea opened to Venetian Society members on June 14, 2023, and to the public on June 22. Despite the 2.5-year lead time, these cruises often book up far in advance. Inclusions when you book this cruise include business class airfare and private transfers, $1,000 in onboard credit per guest and one complimentary Otium spa treatment each.

Not included: meals at specialty restaurants such as La Dame or Kaiseki; personal training sessions; spa treatments beyond the one included; some premium shore excursions; purchases in the boutique or gambling in the casino.

Pre-cruise logistics

Passports and visas

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of the last port you visit (many countries require at least six months validity for admission). You’ll be in good shape if your passport is valid at least through the end of 2026. World travelers also understand that obtaining visas can be an obstacle course, but luckily, Silversea includes a visa package with this particular cruise that can help reduce red tape.

Vaccinations and precautions

For a trip of this breadth, you will want to visit a travel clinic to check on medications you may need or vaccinations that are required. Before that, check with your primary care physician to be sure that your routine vaccinations are current, including tetanus. The rabies vaccine is optional, but not uncommon for world travel. To embark on a Silversea vessel, all passengers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least two weeks before departure; boosters are recommended.

Health care and insurance

When it comes to standard health insurance, travel insurance, medical evacuation clauses and filling your prescriptions for four months away, you must have this sorted out well before embarkation.

If you don’t have a travel insurance plan that covers medical evacuation, buy one. This kind of policy is designed for emergencies in far-flung places (some of the ones you will be visiting) and should include being air-lifted to the closest hospital on the mainland. Silversea has a doctor on board, but the cruise line does not cover the cost of medical emergencies or prescription refills, which can be difficult to find in some countries.

Have a conversation with your doctor about what you need to stay healthy and functioning for one-third of the year at sea. This includes obtaining months’ worth of prescription medications, and over-the-counter remedies for common ailments such as heartburn, nausea or upset stomach. Some physicians will prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic that could be helpful to have on hand.

Money matters

Carry some cash, but also use credit cards. Debit cards also are handy for withdrawing cash./Shutterstock

You can order foreign currency from your bank, but given that 37 countries are involved, your best bet is to take some nations-specific cash with you. Trying to keep track of dozens of different monetary units, some you might only need for a day, can be a hassle.

Make sure you have a couple of credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees and ideally reward travel purchases. A debit card attached to your bank account is also helpful for withdrawing local currency from an ATM.

In both cases, alert your credit card provider and your bank that you will be traveling to various countries for several months. That should help prevent your account from being frozen because of what the institution may deem “suspicious activity.” Keep these cards close at hand and your pin numbers private. (Note that some banking institutions require a four-digit card number.) If you suspect that you have misplaced a card or are a victim or fraud, call to freeze your own account right away.

Phone plan

Dedicate some time before this big trip to making sure your technology — mobile phones, tablets and any other electronic devices — are in working order and that you have a phone and data plan that make sense for you.

For such an extended trip, you’ll want to consider buying a travel-specific SIM card and/or a mobile hotspot that gives you better access to high-speed Wi-Fi. Silversea world cruisers have unlimited premium Wi-Fi for up to two devices per person.

With a strong enough Wi-Fi signal, VOIP — Voice Over Internet Protocol or a voice call over a Wi-Fi signal like your ship’s — is possible. Common services that use VOIP include WhatsApp (app required) and FaceTime if you have an Apple product. T-Mobile has a great built-in international plan with its standard service and some easy upgrades. Some destinations will be just too far-flung to expect reliable cell or Wi-Fi signal.

Securing your home

Having someone keep an eye on your home is helpful, as is being able to check in from afar with a security system./Shutterstock

Maybe you live in a gated or residential community, or someone will still be at the house to keep everything running, but chances are you might be leaving your home empty during your 140-day cruise. This requires a few logistical measures on your behalf before departing.

Consider putting a hold on your mail while you’re gone. If not, sign up for the U.S. Post Office’s Informed Delivery service that shows what is being delivered each day.

Do your plants need watering? Will your sidewalk need shoveling if it snows? Make sure you hire someone — or have incredible friends — to be on call for any maintenance or emergencies (burst pipe) while you are halfway across the world.

Pets are not allowed onboard, so start researching well-rated kennels that will board your dog or cat long term. Or you can strike a deal with a dependable friend or family member with whom the pet might be more comfortable. Birds or reptiles might be harder to place in a formal facility.

Smart home security systems, including the Ring camera and doorbell, are now almost ubiquitous. These services function off an app and require Wi-Fi but might be able to provide some peace of mind while you are so far from your front door. In any case, a trustworthy human to occasionally check on your property and valuables may be the most reliable choice in the end.

Packing for a World Cruise

On this cruise, butlers handle all of your laundry and pressing needs./Silversea

How much can I bring on board?

A Silver Shore baggage valet will assist with two bags of up to 50 pounds each, per guest, or 100 pounds of stuff per person for your 20-week expedition. That limit does not include carry-on luggage such as a purse, backpack or duffel bag. Sometimes less is more, especially if you’re looking to purchase a lot of souvenirs during your travels. Be reasonable!

How do you pack for a world cruise?

First things first: Don’t try to pack for all 140 days. You’re going to want to stick to versatile clothing items (pants you can dress up or down, or a sundress that is easily gussied up) as well as tried-and-true staples in your wardrobe. Scan destinations for average weather during the time you’ll be there, and pack for comfort. Even if Egypt looks toasty, the ship is air-conditioned, so you’ll need a light sweater, a jacket and a windbreaker at various points during the trip. Layers are better than bulk. Pack plenty of socks and underwear.

It’s not the time to buy brand-new shoes and see if they work out onboard the ship. If you decide to stock up on some new gear before embarking, do so at least a few weeks in advance. This gives you time to break in any new footwear.

There will be some formal evenings, especially on Silversea’s marquee world cruise events, but practicality is the running theme here. If you’re dining among ruins at night, leave the stiletto heels in your suite (or at home). Certain religious or cultural dress codes may require women to cover their heads, shoulders or knees; out of respect, always adhere to any local dress codes.

Buying scarves in port can freshen your wardrobe on a world cruise
Buying scarves in port can freshen your wardrobe./Shutterstock

Reversible swimsuits; classic dresses or dress shirts in neutrals; nice leggings that can pull double duty are ways to game the packing system. Dressing up the mighty black dress or well-tailored suit jacket, by buying scarves or pocket squares, pashminas or ties in ports along the way, is fun. And these double as mementos.

Despite Silversea’s lenience about how much you pack, there are some restrictions. For example, no full-face snorkel masks from home. Be sure to read through the fine print before you take something prohibited that could have made space for something else.

How does laundry work?

Laundry service is included in your world cruise fare. There are self-service launderettes onboard if you miss the experience of doing your own. These services are arranged through your butler.

The on-board experience

Does my cabin choice matter?

All rooms onboard Silver Dawn are suites, starting at 335 square feet with a large picture window for ocean views called a Vista Suite. Most suites feature a full, private balcony and luxurious amenities. Expect a pillow menu, plush robe, stocked mini bar, luxury bath products and Champagne upon arrival, no matter which suite you are booked in.

Silver Dawn’s veranda suite

Other premium offerings on Silver Dawn include Otium spa-inspired experiences, facilitated by your butler, including a balcony hot chocolate service; premium sunbathing experience; or an indulgent drawn bath.

A ship suite may be smaller than a full house or condo, but the entire ship is your oyster. You’ll find ample public spaces where you can relax and unwind. After all, you will be spending so much time on shore tours that you will probably be tired from your explorations and ready to climb into bed.

Will I be with the same passengers all the time?

Some cruisers will embark along with you in Fort Lauderdale and leave as cruising family four months later in Lisbon. Some guests, however, book world cruise segments or partial world cruises. This means that at eight points along the way, other guests may join the voyage or leave it. Think of it as a change of scenery and the possibility of dinner companions throughout your lengthy holiday.

Will food choices begin to repeat?

If you’re wondering whether salmon will be on the menu more than once during this months-long sailing, yes, it will. But Silversea and its food and beverage teams work tirelessly to plan the menus for these world cruises so there is as little repetition as possible across venues and throughout the days and weeks.

The entire crew will get to know you, as well as your preferences (and most importantly, dietary restrictions) from Day 1. Likewise, after dining at each venue multiple times (and there are eight to choose from, not including room service, plus the S.A.L.T. program), you will get to know the best spot for that steak, sushi or salad, depending on what you’re craving.

The 2026 cruise is offering its guests two exclusive S.A.L.T. dining experiences ashore, included in the cruise fare.

What role will S.A.L.T. play in World Cruise 2026?

Adam Sachs, director of the S.A.L.T. program for Silversea, promises singular culinary experiences on World Cruise 2026./Silversea

Silversea’s distinct Sea and Land Taste program will thrive on the 2026 World Cruise. The S.A.L.T. Kitchen will create 80 distinct menus based on places visited. A rotating lineup of visiting chefs, regional food experts and authors will come aboard to teach a variety of S.A.L.T. Lab classes and also will take up residencies, offering intermittent lectures.

Besides hands-on culinary experiences (onboard and ashore) as well as the distinct itinerary-inspired epicurean menus, the S.A.L.T. Bar transforms local flavors into liquid form. With more local wines offered than ever before, as well as beers and exclusive spirits, guests can sip on regional beverages as well as attend tastings hosted by sommeliers and mixologists. About 70 custom and regionally inspired cocktails will be featured on the 2026 World Cruise.

How can I stay in shape onboard?

Endless weeks of rich cuisine can take their toll. You are likely to stay active just from exploring the many ports you’re visiting, but if you would like to take a more organized approach to your routine, Silver Dawn’s fitness center comes complete with free weights, machines and cardio equipment. Personal training and classes are offered for an additional fee. Guests can also do laps in the onboard pool or jog the top-deck track to keep the blood pumping. Don’t forget about the sauna and steam room.

What will entertainment be like on the ship?

During sea days or days spent onboard, guests can count on enrichment, including lectures, wine tastings and cooking classes. Activities will rotate in and out throughout the trip.

The Venetian Lounge is host to musical and theatrical performances from a variety of onboard cast members and visiting artists, including production shows and operatic performances. Cabaret-style seating keeps the atmosphere intimate, even when the offering is a first-run feature film.

Silver Dawn has a small casino if you’re inclined to test Lady Luck, and there are occasional late-night dance parties in the Panorama Lounge. You can choose from among a half-dozen bars and lounges for a little libation and conversation.

How are holidays and events celebrated?

The 2026 World Cruise kicks off after the New Year, but no matter what hallmark holidays or religious observances you recognize from January to May, there will be a way to celebrate them onboard. From Valentine’s Day to Passover, your crew is dedicated to making each memory and occasion special. This includes special food and drink. Nondenominational services are typically held onboard on Sundays. Catholic, Protestant or Jewish clergy will be brought onboard when possible for select holidays.

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or another milestone onboard? Notify Silversea (or allow your travel advisor to do so) at least a month before departure to arrange the proper festivities.

How will I keep in touch?

If you are eager to stay in touch, don’t leave home without one. Or two. Or three./Shutterstock

Nearly everyone travels with mobile devices, so you need not rely on the costly satellite phone service onboard the ship, unless for some reason it’s the only option. Be sure to bring information on your phone plan, including contacts for troubleshooting. Staff is available once you’re onboard to walk you through connecting your phone, laptop or tablet to the free shipboard Wi-Fi.

As for organizing calls with friends and family, leave them with a printout of your scheduled itinerary, so they can have an idea of where you are and when. Time zones will change many times throughout your journey, and it will be hard to keep track.

On an iPhone, you can add the destinations and time zones where your friends and family live by going to Clock > World Clock. This is a convenient shortcut when you’re guessing whether your sister-in-law is awake to chat.

The Wi-Fi onboard should be solid, but it will change depending on your location and how many people are accessing it at the same time. It should be a strong enough signal to browse the internet, send a text or an email, but not always reliable for a video call. Manage expectations.

What happens in case of emergency?

Things happen. A storm could brew, a political event could take place that might prevent you from entering a country or from Silversea deeming it safe. The encouraging thing about a cruise ship is that it moves and is generally flexible about schedule changes (as should you).

Many storms can be avoided; ports can be replaced or skipped if there is a threat. Someone could get sick onboard and be sent home. Silversea is equipped to handle these emergencies — especially on a lengthy cruise.

Spending time ashore

Auckland, New Zealand, is one of the overnight stays on this itinerary./Shutterstock

How many overnights are there?

There are nine sets of overnights on the 2026 world cruise: Callao (Lima), Peru; Easter Island; Auckland, New Zealand; Hobart, Tasmania; Singapore; Cochin/Kochi, India; Mumbai, India; Safaga (Luxor), Egypt; and Antalya, Turkey.

What kind of exclusive events can I expect?

Silversea’s unmatched world cruise promise exclusive events. Watch this space for information, but all are guaranteed to be unique.

Are overland programs offered?

There are three optional overland programs during Silversea’s 2026 World Cruise. These immersive overland tours incur an additional fee.

Uzbekistan (April 16-25)

Bukhara, Uzbekistan/Shutterstock

Depart Mumbai for nine days exploring this unusual country, from the historic commercial hub of Tashkent to the UNESCO heritage site of Bukhara.

Luxor, Egypt (April 26-31)

Luxor, Egypt/Shutterstock

From the port of Safaga, guests will spend five days seeing the iconic ancient wonders of Egypt, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Temples of Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and yet another cruise — the one along the Nile River.

The Balkans (May 11-14)

Learn about the complicated history of Yugoslavia with a three-day overland trip to Serbia. Centered in Belgrade, guests will visit museums, temples and local towns to connect with residents.

Are shore excursions included?

One shore excursion per port, per day, is included for each guest onboard a Silversea world cruise. Shore excursions range from active hikes or snorkel and dive trips to guided walking tours and local workshops. While your plans — or whims — may certainly change, it’s a good idea to browse through these detailed offerings prior to boarding to select the tours you are most passionate about joining to secure a spot.

Of course, you can never predict how you might feel on any given day, but timing some relaxation and recovery between all your active exploits is its own preventative maintenance. This is vacation, after all.

Must I get off at every port?

No. A voyage lasting four months is a marathon, not a sprint. Even though you might be confident about booking a full-day excursion in each new port, your body might signal that it needs a break. Listen to your body.

Despite how thrilling a World Cruise experience can be, you are human and will no doubt need some downtime to rest. It might be prudent to schedule these rest periods, if possible, around destinations and events that you don’t want to miss. On the other hand, world cruises do factor in plenty of sea days, so there are plenty of opportunities to chill out.

Is it safe to explore independently?

It’s usually safe to explore on your own in destinations, including Bora Bora, but check with shipboard personnel for detailed information./Shutterstock

Silversea would never take guests to a destination it deemed unsafe. The cruise director, shore excursions team and other staff onboard are your go-to experts for best practices in every port. Recommendations are also made on each daily program.

Some larger cities could be overwhelming to navigate, but not expressly dangerous, while smaller island nations may prefer you stick with your guides on an organized tour rather than wander into private or protected lands. When in doubt, use common sense.

What happens if the ship skips a port?

Sometimes weather or other unforeseen events mean your ship might have to skip a port. It’s unusual, but not unheard of, especially with about nearly six dozen ports of call. The cruise contract you sign when you book outlines the possibility of these types of cancellations. There is typically no refund. Any paid shore excursions or other experiences booked in a port that’s missed will be refunded to your account.

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