What’s It Like Aboard Silver Origin? Join Us.

The Galapagos Islands – one of the best destinations in the world for active, hearty explorations to very remote places with few, if any, other people – represents the kind of journey that, as a pal notes, “requires a vacation after your vacation.” After all, who wants to miss out on a minute of admiring Blue-footed Boobies, hiking along lava trails, snorkeling in search of the Galapagos Penguin, or spying nesting sites for East Pacific green sea turtles and a huge colony of marine iguanas that happens to sun on black lava?

And yet, with the debut of Silver Origin, Silversea Cruise’s first-ever ultra-luxury vessel designed for Galapagos itineraries, guests may well be tempted to linger onboard. “Silver Origin is going to be a yin and yang experience,” says Gabriela Naranjo, vice president and general manager of Silversea Cruises Ecuador. “It’s about waking up in a beautiful bed, having a great breakfast and then taking a Zodiac many years back in time.”

Since Silversea launched the 100-guest Silver Origin in summer 2021, we’ve told the story of how the ship was successfully completed in the midst of a pandemic. We’ve taken you on a tour of the vessel, still at DeHoop shipyard, just after we raised the Silversea flag, marking the moment she became part of the fleet. And we’ve shared details about the newbuild, about aspects of the ship that have most intrigued us as we’ve followed its progress, from a state-of-the-art marina for easy on-off access to its dynamic positioning system, which allows the ship to get closer than ever to the most eye-popping areas of the Galapagos Islands. And, of course, the Silver Origin experience parallels Silversea’s ultra-luxe standards, with all-suite accommodations, cuisine made with Ecuador’s freshest foodstuffs along with traditional Silversea favorites, and butler service for every suite.

Now it’s your turn, for the moment anyway, to virtually experience what it feels like to be onboard Silver Origin. Today we’re sharing four videos, filmed while the ship was en route from Europe to Ecuador. Take a look.

First Impressions: Basecamp and the Marina

The hub of Silver Origin is Basecamp, the place to gather for daily updates on explorations and learn more about the Galapagos.

Did you know that Silver Origin never actually docks in the Galapagos?

When it’s time to go ashore – or return aboard – the Marina’s fold-out stern, with hydraulic doors, hatches and cranes, is designed with boarding facilities that can accommodate the launching of two Zodiacs at a time. The Marina also has big tanks where you can rinse off your snorkeling gear and racks for equipment and wet suits. Nearby is a large garage. It stores the Zodiacs.

And adjacent to the Marina is Basecamp, a comfortable gathering hub that is the heart of Silver Origin. It’s an elegant space with regional art, comfortable couches and deep armchairs and it’s where you’ll gather for talks by Silversea’s naturalist guides, all of whom are Ecuadorian. In 15 – 20 minute presentations before every outing, they’ll share the mission of your upcoming adventure. Sometimes there will be two or three of these in a day, so Basecamp is definitely a space you’ll spend time in.

When there’s downtime in Basecamp, you can, with a touch of a button, pull up all videos, from historical contexts from the Royal Geographic Society to custom-created nature photography.

Relax and Chill: The Famous Firepit

Out on deck, a whirlpool, lots of cushy chairs and couches, and a gas-lit firepit offer a great opportunity to wind down from a busy day ashore.

Out on deck, a gas-lit firepit offer a great opportunity to wind down from a busy day ashore.

For Naranjo, who had just recently been to visit Silver Origin in Manta, “the fire pit is something you won’t find on other ships.” In this ancient destination, the fire pit takes you back to a place of coming together, where he says “we’ve been gathering around a fire for years.”

“It’s not like you’re going to have long hours on the ship,” Fernando adds, “we don’t have days at sea. But you will have those times, at sunset, after dark with no light pollution, just the incredible stars. You’ll have mornings, wake up early and just look around.”

Breathe and Reboot: Out on the Open Deck.

With absolutely no light pollution in the Galapagos, Gabriela Naranjo, vice president and general manager of Silversea Cruises Ecuador, says the open decks are the best ways to view spectacular sunrises and sunsets, not to mention a canvas of twinkling stars.

Where to find bliss on Silver Origin in the Galapagos? Head to the ship’s open deck where the views, as they morph throughout the week, give you such a great scope of one of the world’s most ancient natural places. Watching this video, I feel as if I’m literally leaning over the rail, feeling the wonder of the place, and, yes, tasting a salt tang on my lips.

Stay tuned for more on our series of stories about the experience of being onboard Silver Origin, the first-ever ultra-luxe cruise ship to be designed around the Galapagos archipelago. We can’t wait to bring you more experiences, including features on Ecuadorian culinary specialties, first-looks at suite accommodations, and intimate discussions with Silversea’s team of marvelous expedition guides. And in the meantime, if you need more inspiration about visiting the Galapagos, don’t miss our regional series of destination-focused articles on Silversea’s blog, Discover.