Behind the Lens: Experiencing the Tranquility of Montemar Coffee Farm, Galápagos

The inviting aroma of fresh organic coffee coupled with the peaceful presence of giant tortoises make for an unforgettable experience at the 43-acre Montemar Coffee Farm in Santa Cruz, Galápagos.

Expedition Filmmaker Jorge Prigann, who is a Galápagos native and member of Silversea’s Expedition Team, was guided around the sustainable farm that uses biodynamic practices by the founder Reyna Oleas.

“At the coffee farm you get to experience the great hospitality of Reyna who teaches you about the coffee process in the highland of Galápagos, all while appreciating the giant tortoises,” says Jorge, who filmed the tranquil environment there.

“It is an experience for the senses to have this unique coffee with this this wonderful kind of nature around you.”

Sustainably farmed in the Galápagos

Reyna Oleas, founder of Montemar Coffee, shares a cup of coffee with Silversea guests/Lucia Griggi

Sitting at 250 meters above sea level, this abandoned pasture land was restored in 2010 with Arabica coffee planted under the shade of bananas, plantains, guava, oranges, scalesia and other native species. The natural coffee which features distinctive fruity essences and a smooth flavor is the result of the islands’ young volcanic soil and unique productive conditions.

Most interestingly, Montemar coffee supports the rehabilitation of ecosystems for Galápagos tortoises that graze in the farm.

“Guests can enjoy a moment on the mainland in one of the main islands of Galápagos. While at the farm, they can walk around and be close to the giant tortoises, which is not something they get to do during the rest of the voyage,” Jorge adds. “After that, Reyna welcomes them in an open salon, where she teaches about the coffee process and aroma.”

For visitors purchasing and consuming coffee from Montemar, knowing that they are supporting small farmers, promoting clean productive environments and the rehabilitation of ecosystems that nurture the Galápagos’ wildlife is a wonderful feeling when traveling here.