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Our Curiosity

Over a year ago, we embarked on a new kind of journey. Knowing that our collective appetite for discovery could never be grounded, we relied on a collection of stories created by and for the curious. The stories collected here represent our joy of discovery and our yearning to explore deeper.

Today, as our world has reopened, our journey doesn’t conclude. It expands, propelled by our boundless desire and the fascinating promise of the world that awaits. We’ve let our imagination soar. Now it’s time to embark on new adventures. It’s time to write new chapters. It’s time to satiate our curiosity.

Stay curious,

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Barbara Muckermann
Chief Commercial Officer


Behind the Lens

In ‘Behind the Lens’—a new series of insightful articles, curated by passionate travelers and dedicated to you, the curious—Silversea’s talented photographers transport us through space and time, presenting unique moments from their journeys around the world.

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We, the Curious

In our mission to deliver compelling travel stories that unveil the world’s most captivating destinations, we also know that Silversea travelers like you are perfectly suited to share your own experiences, insights, joys and learnings about the trips you take. You are first-hand storytellers, fueled by your passion for discovery, inquisitive nature and boundless curiosity. That’s why this series –We, The Curious– is for you and about you, so we may dive into the experiences, anecdotes and advice of like-minded travelers.

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S.A.L.T. Kitchen

There’s no better—or more enjoyable—way to engage and understand the world than through the flavors and stories of its food culture. In S.A.L.T. Kitchen, we invite you to join us on a holistic journey of culinary discovery to explore the ingredients, traditions, cultural nuances and personalities that feed into the rich cornucopia of food-focused travel. The table is set for a fascinating feast to whet your appetite for epicurean exploration.

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S.A.L.T. Bar

Cuisine, cocktails and cultures change as you sail around the world. As we wait for the right time to embark on new discoveries, we’d like to share with you 60 of the regionally-inspired cocktails handcrafted by our mixologists for our new S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) Bar.

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On The Map

Comprised of over two million documents, maps, photographs, paintings, periodicals, artifacts and books, the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) shares shares some of the world’s most important geographical research and archive material with Silversea guests. In a series of articles, “On the Map” brings you this exclusive content collated from centuries of scientific exploration

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Great Reads

We invite you to revisit the classic accounts of the pioneering adventurers of yesteryear – one book at a time. Sharing anecdotes and personal insights, Silversea’s Senior Vice President of Expeditions Conrad Combrink provides a unique and engaging perspective on the daring endeavors that shaped his outlook on expedition travel.

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Let's Get Enriched

Guided by our expert lecturers on topics as diverse and fascinating as Marine Biology, Ornithology, Ecology, Botany, History, Anthropology, Geology, Climate, the very same that are featured on board our vessels, we travel to the far corners of the world, discovering and examining every possible aspect that makes every destination unique.

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Steve McCurry and Silversea Cruises
This is Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years. McCurry’s work has spanned conflicts, vanishing civilizations, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike. We knew there was no one more qualified to chronicle our ongoing mission to discover the authentic beauty of the world. We invite you to explore the Silversea experience from the lens of arguably the greatest living photographer today.

From the Lens of Steve McCurry
A Tale of Tales

The one-of-a-kind Tale of Tales anthology is an inspiring collection of works from 10 renowned creatives who each traveled aboard Silversea’s World Cruise 2019. The curated selection includes images and stories from Jude Deveraux; Paul Theroux; Pico IyerSteve McCurry; Laksmi PamuntjakSophy RobertsTahir Shah; Harold KodaSaroo Brierley and Jeremiah Tower

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