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“In my many years at Silversea Cruises, I’ve had the privilege to witness firsthand the wonder and enjoyment that you experience when traveling with us. From the moment we welcome you in the gangway, my greatest joy has been to see the satisfaction in your faces. I take great pride and delight in crafting a memorable experience for you on board. And now, I am delighted to share the stories of your adventures on our ships and the destinations we’ve explored with you.”

Norman Rafelson,  Hotel Director and President’s Delegate to the Venetian Society

We, the Curious

We, the Curious

On an Expedition Cruise, Shared Adventure, Discovery Make a Powerful Connection

By Brittany Chrusciel February 14, 2024
We, the Curious

On Silver Moon: If Train Travel is a Novel, Cruising is a Poem

By Mary Morris February 1, 2024
We, the Curious

In Conversation With…Patricia Schultz, Sharing 1,000 Things to Know Before You Die

By Jane Wooldridge January 26, 2024
We, the Curious

Iceland’s Hidden People Create Mystery

By Mary Morris January 12, 2024

5 Essentials for your Spirit-Free Bar — and a Recipe

By Peter Jon Lindberg January 2, 2024
We, the Curious

How Do You Serve Travelers Who Don’t Drink Alcohol?

By Peter Jon Lindberg December 27, 2023