Silversea’s Myths and Treasures 2025-26 Winter Trips: a Cure for the Commonplace

“O, wind,” poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Yes. Yes it can. And that is why a Silversea voyage is the countervailing force for the winter-weary in 2025-2026: Its trips mean sun, fun and the unexpected.

Hope for endless sun? Choose Antarctica, where the sun lights the sky all night in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter. Or look for the light in places new to Silversea, including Martinique in the Caribbean, one of nine additions to the line’s first-time list of ports. Or seek out Australia’s Fraser Island, where a seemingly endless beach will seem like an endless summer. And Silversea’s new collection of itineraries around French Polynesia offer both adventure and relaxation.

Those are but some of the additions to Silversea’s recently announced 2025-26 Myths and Treasures Winter Voyages Collection.

These fresh experiences, which also include a 74-day expedition cruise of the South Pacific, are among Silversea’s most diverse itineraries. The 12 luxury ships will make 151 voyages to 52 countries and 206 destinations between September 5, 2025, and April 6, 2026.

Following the sun, feeling the warmth

Martinique beach Anse d’Arlet is framed by lush hills, and its 18th century church is the frequent site of weddings./Shutterstock

In the new-to-Silversea port of Trois-Îlets, guests can visit historic sites linked to Columbus’ 1502 exploration of Martinique. Dune safaris, Chef’s Table meals (unique dining experiences on the new Silver Nova that reflect the destinations being visited and share the stories of the cuisine) and snorkeling with sea lions also are woven into this 2025-26 Winter Voyage Collection.

The eight other new-to-Silversea stops: Robe, Australia; Marsden Point, New Zealand; Bahía Bowditch and San Cristóbal, Galápagos; and the Fam Islands (in photo at top of page), plus Pulau Momon, Pulau Penumu and Sebakor Bay in the South Pacific.

With these itineraries, Silversea glides into the future while honoring its past by retaining its most popular explorations – including Australia and New Zealand tours, Japan’s cherry blossom and fall foliage – and adding new experiences, including scenic Antarctic cruising on Silver Whisper.

Silversea guests will have generous sunlight during which to explore destinations, thanks to more late departures (after 8 p.m.). The 2025-26 itineraries also include about 200 overnight stays.

French Polynesia and the Marquesas Feature Tropical Culture

Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora, Society Islands

Board the 392-guest Silver Shadow for a luxurious getaway from Tahiti into the wild blue yonder. In winter 2025/2026, the ship sails roundtrip from Papeete on 11-night tours of the region, with eight ports of call and five sail dates (Jan. 26, Feb. 19, March 2 and 26, and April 6). The itinerary calls for two sea days to allow a welcome pause from the excitement of stops in far-flung islands such as Fakarava in the Tuamotu Archipelago; Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva in the MarquesasRangiroaRaiateaMoorea Island; and an overnight on Bora Bora in the Society Islands

Another option (Feb. 6 and March 13) is a series of 13-night cruises that include the Cook Islands with  calls in Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Voyages grander than ever

The SS Maheno, a luxury liner that became a World War I hospital ship, was being towed to Japan for scrap in 1935, broke loose and came to rest on Fraser Island, where it remains a tourist attraction./Shutterstock

The Grand Australia Voyage, meanwhile, is a 47-day trip to 23 destinations on Silversea’s new, distinctive Silver Nova, a 728-ship whose distinctive design helps passengers feel that they’re one with the journey. On the ship, guests will find plush lounges, bars and restaurants. Guests can meet koalas, see UNESCO-listed K’gari (aka Fraser Island), off Australia’s eastern coast, and savor an optional Chef’s Table dinner while overlooking the Sydney Opera House, one of the most photographed buildings on the planet.

The vast new Grand South Pacific Expedition showcases Australia’s wonders and much more. Across 74 days on the opulent Silver Cloud, guests reach 58 destinations in 11 countries. They will form indelible memories while bathing in Fiji’s crystalline seas, and greeting the 3,000-year-old stone figures, known as moai, of Easter Island.

Sights that make you say, ‘I can’t believe I’m seeng this!’

Guests may spot Gentoo penguins like these on the Antarctic Peninsula on Silver Whisper./Shutterstock

Equally new and enticing are the scenic glimpses of Antarctic splendor during voyages on Silver Whisper. These three, fresh 22-day programs visit the east and west coasts of South America, from Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, around to Chile’s Valparaíso, combined with a scenic cruise of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The metropolitan buzz of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires are highlights of two separate, 12-day voyages by Silver Whisper. Silversea’s expertise in cruising Antarctica will be apparent to guests on its 38 voyages to earth’s wild, southernmost continent.

Meanwhile, the Caribbean and Central America remain Silversea’s busiest region, with 43 voyages on the Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit, Silver Dawn and Silver Ray, which is scheduled to launch in 2024.

There’s a head-scratcher: Blue-footed booby on the Galápagos’ San Cristóbal, a port new to Silversea./Shutterstock

Silversea will also continue to visit the Galápagos, the Pacific Ocean archipelago laden with unique flora and fauna, on 25 voyages, including calls to Bahía Bowditch and San Cristóbal. Guests can scuba dive , paddle board and even snorkel with sea lions in Galápagos.

Each voyage in Silversea’s new itinerary maximizes safety, luxury and comfort. That is thanks to the expertise of Silversea senior management team Conrad Combrink, Bill Davie and Bob Simpson, who collectively boast more than 100 years of experience in this field. Such seamless, elegant service means guests need focus only on the wonders revealed to them each day during trips from Silversea’s 2025-26 Winter Voyage Collection.